Growth In Disguise

It had been building for a few days - the feeling that a breakdown was on the horizon. Now, here I was lying in bed struggling through harmful thoughts about myself because I was upset about a certain situation. It took no time at all before I was convincing myself that I am not what... Continue Reading →

The Vulnerability of Healing

As the new year has begun, I have been determined to do some things differently. I am starting week two of my daily reflection in my Mindfulness Journal and I just received a new inductive Bible study of Ephesians that I am excited to begin. I have to say that the Mindfulness Journal is more... Continue Reading →

Welcome To My Pity Party!

I have gone back and forth about posting to my blog this week. To tell the truth, the new year has not started how I had hoped. I had a routine oral surgery 11 days ago to remove my two upper wisdom teeth. I wasn’t sure what to expect for the recovery time, but it... Continue Reading →

Facing The Year's End

I sat there and stared at the jar full of folded up pieces of paper. I was dreading what was to come next.  I felt I had no right to feelings of dread since, after all, the activity that was about to take place was my idea originally. Two years ago, I came up with... Continue Reading →

Don't Miss It!

I just have to keep moving and everything will be fine. Have you ever told yourself this as you tried to process difficult memories or heavy news? For many, the holidays - Thanksgiving and especially Christmas - pull out memories that have been hidden in the farthest corners of our mind. During the holidays, even... Continue Reading →

I Don't Want to Forget

Everything happened all at once and yet the journey had been so long mentally, emotionally and physically. The angels were proclaiming the great news of a Savior and infant King to the shepherds. After the shepherds came and saw this infant King with their own eyes, they went out and told everyone they could find.... Continue Reading →

The Lesson of Two Trees

We know what we are, but not what we may be.William Shakespeare When my husband and I were first married, I was determined to start Christmas traditions of our own. With both of our families living on opposite ends of the east coast, we often spend our holiday season traveling to visit family. I always... Continue Reading →

The Ghost Of Thanksgiving Past

The silence was almost suffocating as I sat there. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. The silence continued as everyone sat there waiting for me to say what I was thankful for, and I was angered by the expectation I was feeling. I knew the right answers to give, but I didn’t feel that... Continue Reading →

Cold As Stone

As I stood there and took in the truth about a loving God as the singers led worship, I tried with everything I had to feel something...anything. Despite the moving truth that I was hearing in song and already knew in my mind, all I felt  was a sense of emptiness, numbness, nothingness. I couldn’t... Continue Reading →

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