New Beginnings

She stood behind the podium and looked into the eyes of an audience who, despite their best attempts, could not fully understand the courage it took her to stand before them and share her story of abuse, heartache, and new beginnings. This past weekend, my husband and I had the great privilege of attending our... Continue Reading →

Drifting Away

"I feel like I’m watching myself drift away - I am losing myself." These thoughts were just the beginning in a long strand of thoughts that brought on a panic attack this past week. Thinking back on these words after the fact, I now realize that I have lost the me I have known for... Continue Reading →

Who Really Wants To Walk Alone?

No one really wants to walk through life alone. When you get right down to the heart of it, humans were created for connection. So why is it that some people put on a persona that communicates that they want to be left alone? The month of October has been full of race (walking) activities... Continue Reading →

5K Color Runs & Life Lessons

I am by no means a runner. Shoot, I’m not really even a walker! So, I was feeling stretched a bit (pun intended) when a good friend of mine asked me to do a 5K Color Run in Downtown Baltimore with her this weekend. Weekends still continue to be difficult for me. It has almost... Continue Reading →

Why “The Waiting Room?”

Being an educator runs in my blood. My mother was an educator long before I was born, and she continued to teach long after I was born. She taught the entire time she carried me, so it’s pretty safe to say that I have been involved in education since the day of my conception -... Continue Reading →

Facebook & A Year In Review

Facebook and I are “frenemies.” My Facebook app notifies me everyday that I have memories that were posted on that day, how many ever years ago. Some of the memories the app reminds me of bringing a smile to my face. Some of the memories cause a laugh to come from my belly! Some of... Continue Reading →

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