Hidden Blessings In the Waiting Room

I am embarrassed to admit it, but I was jealous. Last night, I attended the 8th grade graduation/banquet for students at the school where I work as a registrar. I taught many of the students in this particular class when I taught middle school science, so I know some of them pretty well. I also... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day In The Waiting Room

Dear Soul Who Is Searching For Hope And Meaning In The Waiting Room This Mother’s Day, I have struggled all week to figure out what to say to you as we get ready to observe another Mother’s Day in The Waiting Room. Let’s first acknowledge the fact no “good Christian” wants to verbalize...Mother’s Day in... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Grief

Grief is a gift. This may be the first time I have ever put those two words in a sentence together. I will say that grief is a gift I would have never wanted or asked for; but nonetheless, it was given to me. Grief is a gift that seems both crippling and breathtaking at... Continue Reading →

Walking the Tightrope

No stage of crisis is easy - not even when the numbness from the reality of your situation paralyzes you. The hardest part of crisis for me happens when the dust begins to settle and the shattered remains come into view. It’s clear - things have to be rebuilt, but the thought of walking the... Continue Reading →

Appendectomies and Anxiety

What an adventure I had this week! A trip the hospital and surgery didn’t exactly fit into my plan for the week, but God planned otherwise! It all started Wednesday morning when I woke up with abdominal pain that I thought would be manageable at first. The pain quickly escalated, and I was doubled over.... Continue Reading →

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