The Unknowing Teacher

The sound of excited chirps drew me to the window to investigate what was happening outside. Then I saw several little birds with pieces of bread clasped between their little beaks and I knew he was at it once again.  There is a man in my neighborhood that faithfully feeds the birds from his back... Continue Reading →

Confronting with Grace

Hello Everyone,This week on Koffee Talk with Kim we will be talking about Confronting with Grace. During Koffee Talk, I love to share stories, quotes, and even clean jokes that pertain to the topic. If you would like to share a lesson you've learned through either confronting or being confronted, or you would like to... Continue Reading →

Tune-in Instead

Hi everyone! I'm taking a little break from writing for a while because my grad school papers will be giving me Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Though I am taking a break from writing, I am not taking a break from sharing. I have expanded Lessons From the Waiting Room to include Kofee Talk With Kim. Koffee... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Koffee Talk with Kim

Hello friends!Tonight is the launching of my interactive video blog. This format allows to interact more personally, and it allows me to share more of my heart of topics. Please feel free to follow the blog's new YouTube page for live conversations. Also, I've added a tab to my WordPress page for Koffee Talk With... Continue Reading →

Grief Is A Powerful Tool

I have written about grief before, but today I realized that I have been going through a different grief process I wasn’t aware of before. My current grieve cycle is grounded in my ethnic heritage and the repercussions of others before me. I cannot speak for the world around me, just as one man or... Continue Reading →

Learning to Hold Space for Others

I will not be publishing a normal blog post this week. Instead, I am encouraging everyone to visit the Lessons From the Waiting Room Facebook Page to share their stories. My desire is to bring peace and healing in the wake of violent and uncertain times. I hope you will be a part of the... Continue Reading →

Going Somewhere By No Means Fast!

My phone chimed. I looked down at my screen and I saw that my friend had sent me a picture of her little boy, proudly showing a gap in his gum where his first loose tooth had been. The picture was accompanied by a text full of crying emojis because her little boy is growing... Continue Reading →

I Survived Mother’s Day

I love mothers but I have some conflict with social norms. What is a social norm? The CDC defines social norms as the “values, beliefs, attitudes, and/or behaviors shared by a group of people. They are often based on what people believe to be normal, typical, or appropriate.”  Social norms can function as unspoken rules... Continue Reading →

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